Best Anti Aging Cream 2015 & Products | Top Anti Wrinkle Cream

Anti Wrinkle Cream

Best Anti Aging Cream 2015 & Products | Top Anti Wrinkle Cream

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Most women want to hide their wrinkles, but are afraid of Botox injections. Not only is it costly, it is also painful. But when Botox in a bottle was highly publicized, women went crazy looking for supply.

It was an answer sent from heaven. Aged women from all walks of life wanted this magic cream. Manufacturers went busy producing this magic cream. The demand was so great, supplies became insufficient.

But does Botox in a bottle really work or is it just an illusion? One of Britain’s famous beauty editors, Josephine Fairley believes it does work.

Some celebrities swear that Botox in a bottle works.

Let us look at how this Botox in a bottle works.

The human skin has two layers, a thicker layer inside and a thinner layer on the outside.

This human skin structure reflects light is a special way.

The reflection of light on a younger skin is even and powerful. But as the skin ages natural elements like the heat of the sun or too much cold air damages it.

The skin becomes rough and irritated. A thick layer of the skin inside thins out and the skin appears dull. It destroys the skin’s light reflection ability.

Botox in a bottle improves skin texture by filling up pores, lines, and dents, and smooth out skin flaws. It is only a temporary fixing of the face.

It is like other cosmetic products that you use in the morning and then wash it off before going to bed. Many experts tried to study this magic cream, and all of them figured out that this product is a mixture of many silicones.

One silicone is called Polymers that are very big molecules, and they fill up skin flaws. Polymers have no color and odor and are very clear. Polymers do not cause skin reaction.

Another ingredient mixed to Polymers is a gel that is produced from a unique liquid using highly technical method. This gel gives the skin a new texture that is smooth and clear.

Added to this combination is a wax that is expandable. This wax fills up the lines of the wrinkles to make the skin even.

Because it is expandable, the wax moves with the skin, therefore, when you are talking, the wax will not crack.

The last ingredient is the light diffuser. When combined with all the ingredients mentioned above, the light diffuser lessens the visible outcome of the lines on the skin by giving it a blurred appearance.

Light diffusers are similar to light reflectors used by cyclists on the rear of their bikes, which shine very bright when an oncoming light shines on them.

Light diffuser comes from a composite used in paints and plastics.

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Yes, Botox in a bottle works but sad to say, only temporarily. It is not an ongoing treatment. When you wash it off in the evening, it loses its magic. Like any cosmetic product, it lasts only for a moment. But if it make you look younger, it is worth the price.

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