DIY Vitamin C Serum – For Wrinkles and Skin Discoloration

Vitamin C Serum

DIY Vitamin C Serum – For Wrinkles and Skin Discoloration

DIY Vitamin C Serum to prevent wrinkles and reduce skin discoloration / Subscribe / Click “show more” for more details

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Just a little FYI – This isn’t professional advice, I’m simply sharing a recipe found online and modified to my liking. You can substitute the rose water for glycerin if you prefer.

What you need:
1 ounce of rose water
2/8 TSP of vitamin C crystals
a dark bottle with a dropper

Some vitamin C facts and benefits:
– vitamin C is a prime ingredient of collagen
– it attributes of healthy, radiant, younger looking skin
– proper collagen production fights wrinkles
– improve skin evenness in the skin’s tone and texture
– can reduce the appearance of skin discoloration
– protects the skin from sun damage
– helps healing of wounds and reduce inflammation

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