How to Make Vitamin C Serum!

Vitamin C Serum

How to Make Vitamin C Serum!

Vitamin C serum

Vitamin C (L’ascorbic Acid) is a potent anti-oxidant (shown to be able to protect skin from oxidative damages). Can improve appearance of aged skin (improves skin elasticity by enhanced collagen production and avoids hyperpigmentation including age spots.

This formulation is a water-based serum with glycerin.
It will degrade over time so it’s important that you use it up within a few weeks. The concentration strength will be 10%.
Strong enough for an effective anti-oxidant treatment for every day use.

We also carry a ready-made, thick silicone-based vitamin c (L’ascorbic acid) product, with a longer shelf life. The concentration of the “vitamin c in silicone” is 20%. Available on our website.

Vitamin C Serum Formulation 50g/
Distilled Water 30grams/2 Tbsp
Glycerin 15grams/1 Tbsp
-Stir until clear
L’Ascorbic Acid 5grams/1/2 Tbsp
-Add ascorbic acid and stir until clear
-Package into a light protected containers with a dropper, and use up within a few weeks.

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